Tooling Process

Tooling Design

Tooling design work is carried out both in the UK and at the manufacturing source. Tooling is never produced without a detailed brief being supplied to the toolmaker and the client is always supplied with tooling layouts for each mould. This ensures that tooling is made to an agreed standard and will be fully approved by all parties working together as a team.

Tooling Procurement

AAC Technology has tooling resource available to suit any need. The clients’ requirements are discussed and agreed which enables the sourcing decision to be based on a sound knowledge of the requirements for each project. At this stage we would consider the correct and appropriate location from which to source the tooling, dependent on timescales, budget and technical requirements.


AAC Technology can supply a reliable Moldflow presentation for its clients very quickly. This ensures that any doubts about feed points and fill patterns are resolved before tooling is procured. This has proven to be a successful approach especially with complex tooling that requires a high quality component to be delivered from the tooling.